Funding Opportunities

University of the Arts London is offering the following research degree studentships to start in October 2018

TECHNE NPIF Studentship Awards in Artificial Intelligence

Partnership: UAL Institute for Creative Computing, University of the Arts London and Google AI

Project: Design Approaches to Creativity Support with Imbedded Artificial Intelligence (AIY) Kits.

About: Cloud based artificial intelligence platforms (AIP’s) such as Google’s TensorFlow have reached the point where they are readily deployable in digitally-enabled consumer-facing products and services. This said, a coherent design understanding for the enhancement of products and services is still immature. A healthily ecosystem of innovation in this area relies on mindshare amongst designers regarding the potential of artificial intelligence platforms and how they might integrate with new physical/digital products and services.

 One particular area that mitigates against the potentialities of (AIP) in design settings is the largely analogue culture of design ideation (Jonson, 2005) and design sketching (Gero, 2014). This practice is still largely unaided by digital processes and in particular machine learning approaches. This means both that machine intelligent attributes of design products are often under-represented in design ideation and that prototyping tools reinforce modes of conceptualisation that struggle to incorporate machine intelligence enhancements.

 Exploring the use of Imbedded Artificial Intelligence (AIY) Kits provides an opportunity to design new approaches to design ideation using physical prototyping tools with imbedded machine intelligence. Understating how designers can integrate these tools within design sketching and how design ideation process can become more legible to machine learning platforms will be key to realising the potential of artificial intelligence in creativity support. Key to this will be a design language to describe working with imbedded machine intelligence ideation tools and prototyping frameworks.

 Deadline 23 Aug.

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