David Ben White - Artist

David Ben White graduated from Chelsea's MA Fine Art course and now works as an artist.

Why did you choose Chelsea's MA Fine Art course?

Because of the painters they've produced - Peter Doig, Chris Ofilli and Neal Tait are just a few of Chelsea's inspiring alumni.

I also wanted to expand the language and connections between the paintings and the space they operate in, to connect between design and architecture. All this seemed not just possible at Chelsea, but actively encouraged.

What's your favourite memory from Chelsea?

There are a couple: during one of my very first tutorials, Dexter Dalwood pointed out that my brush marks and mark-making didn’t change throughout the work. There was no diversity in either the objects painted, or subject matter. 

The second was, and still is, more of a long-term memory. Geoff Forster from the digital printing department helped me explore printing and its full range of possibilities. His support and encouragement has carried on being very important to me, even though I've since left the College, in helping me decide what and how to print.

What was the first job you took after graduation?

I'm lucky as I'm financing my art from a separate business, so have consistently been able to work in a studio.

Do you have any tips for Chelsea students?

Use the library as much as possible, it's a fantastic, mind-blowing resource.

Make sure you talk with other artists you feel an affinity with, as the College is a great place for creating a network of dynamic peers.

Be open and vulnerable in talking about your ideas with the staff here, as they're great at helping students develop and construct their work.