Korean Alumni Association

Guests at the 2014 Korean Alumni Reception
UAL Korean Alumni Reception 2014

In 2015 we were delighted to formally launch the UAL Korean Alumni Association based in Seoul.

The committee is keen to showcase the talents of our Korean based graduates and help the community build networks, develop relationships, find opportunities to collaborate and grow in confidence. UAL was pleased to host the first alumni event in Seoul in 2014 with an official launch event for the committee taking place in June 2015.

View photos from the 2015 launch event

View photos from the 2014 Alumni Reception

Meet the committee

President: Doii Lee  

Vice President: Ji Hyun Jung 

Secretary: Jihyun Oh (Ohji) 

Culture & Event: Yuju Lee 

SNS / Communication: Youseon Gang 

Graphic Design: Hyunho Choi 

Membership / Official Mail Support: Yoojin Hong 

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