Australia Alumni Group

The Australian UAL Alumni Group is run by 3 UAL alumni; Dr Lisa Scharoun (CSM, MA Design Studies), Dr Fanke Peng (LCF, Research Fellow & Collaborator) and Kyle Portbury (CSM, MA Performance).

The UAL Alumni Australia Alumni Group’s ‘Interchange’ exhibition was the inaugural event for the UAL Australian Alumni group and showcased the work of a range of UAL alumni from the areas of digital design, graphic design, industrial design, conceptual design, fashion and film. The exhibition was held at the Gallery of Australian Design, which is strategically placed in the nation’s capital and shows a range of the best design work across the nation.

The opening show on 11 September was well attended with alumni making the trip from Melbourne and Sydney. Following a “high tea” with champagne, cakes and sandwiches, the show was opened by the Deputy High Commissioner to the British High Commission, Mr Tony Brennan, who gave a speech about the importance of UK-Australian partnerships. Mr Brennan also spoke of the great benefit of exchange between our 2 countries and the wealth of creativity that stems from these exchanges.

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